If it’s a ‘yes’ then you’ve got a great organisation

Why we do what we do:
Indigo You believes that your organisation can be the most inclusive and empowered organisation possible, providing the best services to the widest range of people who need them.

How we can help you:
Indigo You can help you get there by providing diversity and inclusion training and project management that will make you and your people think differently about what you do and how you do it to achieve better results for your workforce and customers.

How do you respond to the following questions relevant to your organisation:

  • Do you always work hard to attract a diverse customer range and potential new markets?
  • Does your workforce ‘live’ the values of your organisation and support your strategic objectives?
  • Are you assured that you are legally compliant in terms of Equality?
  • Do you have a low workforce sickness absence rate and do you work constantly to improve staff health and well-being, in turn saving, resources time and money?
  • Does your Corporate Social Responsibility work include diversity?
  • Do your risk management systems include diversity issues?
  • Are you capitalising on new and innovative community or service based projects through addressing diversity and inclusion proactively, including attracting funding?
  • Do you ensure that organisations you award contracts to can demonstrate inclusion through concrete evidence?
  • Are you winning new contracts because you can assure commissioners that you can demonstrate inclusion through concrete evidence?
  • Are you assured that you are meeting the needs of all diverse communities that you serve?

If you can answer yes to the above then you probably don’t need the help and support of Indigo You

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