5 day diversity and inclusion programme


5 day diversity and inclusion (D and I) programme for your ‘diversity and inclusion champions’

(The programme is quality endorsed by the Open College Network)

Overview The programme is designed to help drive forward your organisations D and I Strategy and support organisational Values and strategic objectives. The programme takes place over 5 full working days, usually over a three month period, in a central and accessible location.

After the course, participants will be expected to embed their learning in day to day work practice and support the roll out of your Diversity and Inclusion outcome focussed processes (e.g the NHS Equality Delivery System 2/ Workforce Race Equality Standard, Equality Framework for Local Government), and provide support as appropriate in localities, for example training, Equality Analysis and Impact Assessment work, regular D and I evidence gathering and collation.

The programme is ideally for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 participants who will be expected to attend on all 5 days of the course and to develop presentations to deliver to the group for scrutiny as part of professional development.

The programme can be delivered internally within your organisation or taking a collaborative approach with participants from a range of organisations and/or networks (e.g. local diversity and inclusion forums).

Quality Endorsement

Indigo You holds the Open College Network Quality Endorsement Licence. Participants who complete the 5 day programme will receive an Open College Network certificate to demonstrated that they have successfully completed the programme. Please note that participation on the programme does not provide a qualification in diversity and inclusion or training but can support relevant further education. The Quality Endorsement of the programme ensures high quality standards throughout.


  • Exploring evidence and scrutiny processes to ensure an outcome focus to D and I work that supports the organisations D and I strategy into the future
  • Unconscious bias and its impact
  • Carrying out effective and sustainable Equality Analysis/ Impact Assessments (EIA) that support organisational development
  • Exploring your organisation’s ‘Community of Purpose’ to support behaviours that can help to embed diversity and inclusion
  • Creating effective group agreements supporting positive working behaviours and environments linked to organisational Values. This element will assist participants in delivering training/ development in positive and supportive learning environments where everyone can fully engage
  • Equality Act protected characteristics and Human Rights issues in relation to service delivery and workforce – this element will also include cultural competence
  • The legal, moral and business case for diversity and inclusion including organisational development, engagement and involvement, procurement and commissioning
  • Levels of discrimination and internalisation
  • Expected social norms (e.g. heterosexism, ableism) and its impact on people from diverse groups e.g role models, behaviour, abilities
  • How to positively and assertively challenge discriminatory behaviour including elements of emotional correctness
  • Sharing training delivery styles and content (All participants on the course will be expected to deliver a short snapshot of D and I training or a formal presentation relevant to job role to gain supportive feedback from other participants in terms of content and delivery style)


Please note: The programme can be made bespoke to ensure your organisational diversity and inclusion priorities are addressed

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