What we do

Diversity and inclusion solutions

Indigo You will provide diversity and inclusion solutions for organisations making them more inclusive working environments which will:

  • Attract  people from diverse backgrounds and communities
  • Ensure that products and services provided are as accessible as they can be
  • Help organisations meet the needs of all their stakeholders
  • Improve the health and well-being of everyone who works there.

This approach makes good business sense.

Indigo You can provide

  • General and bespoke diversity and inclusion training opportunities for leaders, managers and staff including equality analysis/ impact assessment
  • Diversity and inclusion strategy development including an organisational delivery structure that supports overall organisational development plans
  • Facilitating problem solving for managers (action learning sets) to support managers in service and team development, and their own professional development
  • Facilitation of Large Scale Change projects that include engagement and involvement activities with staff, clients or communities
  • Organisation of engagement events that involve all relevant organisational stakeholders
  • Mentoring leaders who have a responsibility for diversity and inclusion
  • Indigo you has also developed an evaluation toolkit to support organisations in scrutinising their identified outcomes and benefits around diversity and inclusion issues.